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Safe and Secure Storage Facilities in Buxted

If you live in Buxted you are just minutes away from our local storage facility. Can you store your possessions in a highly safe and secure facility? With Safe + Secure Storage, you can! We offer safe and secure storage facilities close by are equipped with 24-hour security systems and guarded by our security personnel seven days a week.

No Fancy Frills, Bells or Whistles

At Safe + Secure Storage, we keep it simple and straightforward. Our pricing structure is transparent and competitive with no hidden costs. Our rates also include full comprehensive insurance coverage. With a one-month minimum stay, we have no long term requirements. You can store your possessions for as long as you want.

Why Choose Us?

We have a variety of personal and business storage units to meet your specific requirements. In the event that your storage requirements change, you can increase or decrease storage space at any time you want.

We make sure that you can move and retrieve your belongings with ease. Each of our storage units has a fully covered loading bay. We also have several trolleys free to use on the site. You can always approach our friendly and helpful staff for assistance and expert advice.

Our storage units in the Buxted vicinity can be used for different purposes. We work with homeowners who store their personal belongings to free up their home’s space during spring cleaning or property viewing. Businesses come to us to organise and archive their documents and store excess stocks and bulky items. We also have students and travellers store their possessions when they are off exploring the world.

For all your storage requirements, contact Safe + Secure Storage today. Give us a call on 01825 700 486 to request a free quote or to get updated with our latest deals and trade prices.

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