Storage Facility in Framfield

Store your personal and commercial possessions in a safe and secure storage facility. Turn to Safe + Secure Storage for all your storage needs.

Our storage in Framfield is ideal for personal and business uses. No fancy fills, bells or whistles – we keep it simple and straightforward.

All of our units are equipped with a 24-hour CCTV, motion activated sensors and estate security that guards seven days a week. With these security measures, you can rest assured that your belongings are stored safely for as long as you need.

Personal Storage Space

For a minimum of a month’s stay, we provide storage solutions in Framfield. Keep your belongings safely locked away no matter the circumstances – whether you are preparing to sell the house or you need to make some space for renovations or spring cleaning.

Our storage facilities can also be used by students who need storage space for the holidays, university breaks or for moving back home or transferring to a new school.

Storage for Commercial Purposes

Our highly secure business storage spaces in Framfield are great for storing product stocks, documents and other business essentials.

We offer document storage and archiving services to organise and free up some of your office space. For small, e-commerce businesses who cannot afford a physical store, our storage facilities can serve as your stock room.

We also extend our services to builders and interior designers who need a storage space for valuable furniture, construction materials, paint and other essentials.

Transparent and Competitive Pricing

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Rest assured that there will be no upfront fees and hidden costs asked of you. With us, what you see is what you pay. Stay updated on our ongoing deals and trade prices. Call us on 01825 700 486 to request a free quote.