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Household & Personal

Our safe & secure storage facility can provide the ideal storage solution for all your personal & household storage needs. No matter what your circumstances are, we will tailor your storage to suit your needs, ensuring you received the most competitive, value for money storage deal.


  • Open 7 days a week*

  • 24hr monitored security & CCTV systems ensure peace of mind

  • Fully covered loading bay and free use of trolleys on-site meaning you can move your belongings with minimum effort

  • Increase or decrease the size of storage unit any time you need

  • Full comprehensive storage insurance

  • Expert advice from our friendly & helpful staff

It’s no secret that removing personal items from your home helps achieve a quicker, often more lucrative, sale.

Prepare your home for the property market by decluttering excess items and moving furniture that you don’t regularly use into our safe & secure storage facility and improve your chances of sale when your house is on the market.

Moving House

Whether your upsizing or downsizing, at Safe + Secure Storage we know that moving house can be a stressful experience. Moving your personal items into our storage unit ahead of the big move can minimise stress levels and allow you to move your items gradually – saving time on move day. We’ll store your precious belongings in our safe & secure storage facility until you’re settled into your new home and ready to take them back.

Preparing for the Property Market

Preparing for the Property Market

Renovating your Home

Play it safe and keep your valuable furniture & personal items paint and dust free during DIY or renovation projects by storing them in one of our storage units in the short term whilst you decorate or renovate your home.

It will also give you more room to manoeuvre, improving your own safety. We have a range of unit sizes from small to large and your belongings will be kept safe.

Need to Declutter

Are your cupboards overflowing? Are your drawers about to explode? When you’re struggling for space but don’t want to part with your memories why not make life easier for yourself and put the things you want to keep into storage. Safe + Secure Storage can help you store anything you just don't have room for, but can't quite bare to part with, whether it be  clothes, or a full bedroom set. Make space, declutter your home. There are so many uses that you can put your rooms to once they're free of clutter!

Growing Family

A growing family can often mean a move to a bigger property but sometimes this just isn’t an option – financially or physically!

Take advantage of the flexibility of our storage facility if your family is expanding; store your “non-essential” personal items, sports equipment and furniture to free-up space for your new arrival, and avoid the stresses of a move.

Travelling or Moving Abroad

If you are planning an adventure that takes you away from your home for several months, if not years, the security of your personal belongings is naturally going to be of great concern. At Safe + Secure Storage we can offer you convenient, flexible and – most of all – safe and secure storage solutions for all of your personal belongings. You needn’t have such worries weighing on your mind.

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