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Storage Facilities in Tunbridge Wells

If you’re going on holiday but are unsure about the safety and security of your belongings, who do you turn to?

Safe + Secure Storage Solutions offers storage facilities 30 minutes from Tunbridge Wells ideal for out of town trips, holidays, university breaks or home relocations. We have a minimum of only a month of use for each of our units so there are no commitments. You can store your possessions for as long as you need.

Secure Storage Units to Give You Peace Of Mind

Each of our personal and business storage units in Tunbridge Wells is equipped with a 24-hour security system that gives you complete peace of mind. We have estate security to guard the perimeters seven days a week.

Stress-Free Storage for all Your Needs

At Safe + Secure Storage Solutions, we keep it simple and straightforward. We store your stuff, that’s it – no fancy fills, bells or whistles. Rest assured that there will be no hidden costs. Our pricing structure is transparent and competitive and includes a fully comprehensive insurance coverage.

To ease the ingress and egress process, each of our units has a fully covered loading bay and free packing materials and boxes to organise your possessions. We also have several trolleys that are free to use on the site.

We have a one month minimum use that is free of commitments so you may use our units for as long as you want. You may also increase or decrease your storage space at any time depending on your requirements.

For all your storage needs in Tunbridge Wells, give us a call today. Contact us on 01825 700 486 or drop us a line at to request a free quote or to get updates about our trade prices and the latest deals.

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